Video Testimonials

Welcome to our Video Testimonials page! At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care you can expect to feel as calm and relaxed as you do in your own home, because we treat our patients just like family. We combine modern dental techniques with high quality, patient-focused dental care in a calm and soothing environment. Dr. Patel leads a skilled team of dental professionals to provide the surrounding Suwanee, Georgia communities with the exceptional care and personal attention they’ve come to expect from us. Don’t just take our word for it though, find out what our patients have to say about their experiences.


Vontressa has gained back her confidence and now has a smile she is proud to show off.


Sedation dentistry has helped Carol through multiple dental treatments, while learning to love her smile again.


If dental anxiety is keeping you from the dentist, find out what these patients have to say about overcoming their fears thanks to Dr. Patel.


Dental judgement and pain keep Dan from regular dental visits. Since meeting Dr. Patel, he no longer avoids or misses a dental appointment.


A trip to the dentist feels more like a visit with family for Heather.


Dental anxiety led to poor dental hygiene for Mark. After switching to Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, he now feels calm and relaxed during dental visits.


After avoiding the dentist for many years, Sara now finds herself looking forward to her visits because of the personal care she receives.


Dental Implants have changed Lucille’s life, and she credits Dr. Patel with helping her prioritize her dental health.


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