Protective Mouth Guards Shield Teeth from Damage

For adults and children who play contact sports, a protective mouth guard is an absolute must. Hits, falls, and collisions can and will happen on the playing field, court, or rink. Direct impact to the mouth can easily result in damaged, broken, displaced, or knocked-out teeth. Customized protective mouth guards for kids, teens, and adults provided by your experienced Johns Creek dentist at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care are the smartest choice for protecting your teeth, gums, and overall oral health.

Customized protective mouth guards

Play Hard with Athletic Mouth Guards

If athletes constantly worried about getting hit, they would spend most of their time flinching and less time moving full speed ahead to score points or move the ball. Protective gear is a no-brainer when it comes to the body and head, and this precaution should be the same for the mouth.

Top-quality protective mouth guards protect the mouth from trauma and injuries. Neglecting to wear an athletic mouth guard while participating in sports – whether practice or game – can leave you at risk for serious dental problems, such as missing teeth.

Contact sports like football, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, and boxing absolutely demand a mouth guard. There are some noncontact sports or recreational activities – such as mountain biking or skateboarding – however, that could have participants appreciating taking the time to wear a protective athletic guard.


Protect More Than Teeth with an Athletic Mouth Guard

Protective mouth guards not only protect your teeth and smile, they protect your bite. Damage to bite alignment and your jaw can cause incredible pain, and require time and resources to repair your bite and teeth.

Chipped or broken teeth, tooth loss, or nerve damage to a tooth can easily occur when a mouth guard is not in place while playing sports. There are also risks to your lips, tongue, and the soft tissues of your mouth.

It is not hard to remember to wear your protective mouth guard, and it shouldn’t be a battle for your children either. Wherever you store the rest of your sports equipment and protective gear, make a special place for your athletic mouth guard so it is always available for games, scrimmages, and practices.

Customized protective mouth guards

Investing in a Customized Protective Mouth Guard

Customized protective mouth guards come in different forms, and your Johns Creek dentist will determine which is the best choice for your needs. Of csourse, preformed stock mouth protectors and boil-and-bite mouth protectors are always available and can get the job done in a pinch. However, they can be bulky, uncomfortable, provide spotty protection, be susceptible to tears, and make it difficult to talk or breathe.

There is no substituting for a custom-fitted mouth protector that is uniquely designed for your mouth only. Teens who have braces may worry about their ability to play sports because they don’t want to damage their teeth or orthodontia. A mouth guard can be customized and properly fitted to protect your teeth, mouth, and braces. And don’t assume that a clear orthodontic aligner or retainer is enough to keep your teeth safe. These are not atctive mouth guards are only made for the upper teeth. If your circumstances are such that a mouth guard is needed for the lower jaw as well, your Suwanee dentist can customize an effective, durable guard to fit.

The protective athletic mouth guards provided by your Johns Creek dentist Dr. Mitul Patel are custom-fitted, comfortable to wear, and highly effective in protecting teeth from sports-related injuries and trauma. If you are in search of a solution to protect your oral health from grinding or clenching, learn more about night guards. Safeguard your long-term dental health. Call our office to schedule a fitting for your own or your child’s custom protective mouth guard. We serve children and adults in Suwanee, Johns Creek, Duluth, and surrounding communities in North Atlanta.

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