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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Family & Cosmetic Dental Care offers expert periodontal disease treatment to the residents of Suwanee and the surrounding communities North of Atlanta. We are a comprehensive, family dental practice that treats patients of all ages, from grandparents to grandchildren and everything in between with comprehensive cosmetic, restorative and general dental procedures. Our dentist, Dr. Mitul Patel, is highly experienced in treating all different types of periodontal disease ranging from mild Gingivitis to the more serious form, Periodontitis. Our practice offers a variety of treatments for gum disease including deep cleanings (scaling and root planing), anti-microbial rinses, antibiotics and laser gum surgery (LANAP®).

Gum Disease Dental Care

If you are in need of dental care to treat gum disease, you can count on the dedicated professionals at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care. At our family-oriented dental practice, your oral health and your comfort are our first priority. Our goal is to help you obtain optimal oral health, for life. We achieve this goal by combining our knowledge and experience with the most advanced dental technology and equipment available.

Gum disease is a serious dental health problem affecting a large portion of the population. If not treated appropriately, gum disease can lead to more serious problems including bone loss and missing teeth. One of the most important things you can to do to prevent gum disease is to practice good daily oral hygiene including brushing and flossing daily. Visiting the dentist regularly for dental cleanings and exams is another important thing you can do to safeguard your long-term dental health.

Pinhole® Surgical Technique – A Scalpel-Free, Suture-Free, Graft-Free Treatment Option for Receding Gums

Do you suffer from gum recession? Dr. Patel proudly offers the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST®) to correct receding gums. This treatment is a minimally invasive approach that does not require the use of grafts. Instead, a small pinhole needle is used to loosen the gum tissue and adjust it over the receding area of the tooth.  The Pinhole® Surgical Technique provides effective, long-term results without the need for a scalpel or incisions. This significantly reduces any post-operative discomfort such as pain, bleeding or swelling. The accelerated recovery and superior results of the Pinhole® Surgical Technique are highlighted advantages for patients seeking treatment for gum recession.

LANAP – Effective Non-Surgical Laser Gum Therapy

At Family & Cosmetic Dental Care, we are proud to offer the most innovative laser gum therapy available. Our LANAP technology is an excellent alternative to traditional gum surgery, helping patients avoid the stitches and painful recovery of invasive surgery as well as the potential trauma to surrounding bone and teeth. LANAP is a proven, FDA approved and non-invasive treatment option that targets only the diseased gum tissues while leaving the healthy tissues and bone uncompromised.

The LANAP procedure is gentle and straightforward. It uses a pulsed Nd:YAG laser that emits a narrow, yet intense beam of light to kill bacteria within the affected sub-gingival tissues and pocket lining. LANAP allows for superior precision and highly predictable results. For patients, recovery is more comfortable and much faster than traditional gum surgery.

If you or a member of your family is in need of treatment for periodontal disease, please contact our Suwanee Periodontal Treatment Specialists at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care today to schedule an appointment. Our dental practice is accepting new patients and we welcome the opportunity to care for your family. For your convenience, we accept most dental insurance plans as well as credit card payments. We also offer financing through CareCredit®. We look forward to restoring your dental health.

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