Helping Others: Dr. Davis Smith Takes a Dentistry Mission Trip

davis smith dentistry mission to guatemala johns creek dentistThere are places in the world where people do not have access to or cannot afford quality dental care. Dr. Davis Smith is doing his personal best to change that reality. Last October, he traveled to the village of Quetzaltenango in Guatemala where he and 30 dentists from all over the world provided gentle and much-needed dental care to over a thousand patients.

Treating Patients Who Don’t Have Access to Dental Care

Without regular dental cleanings and exams, tooth decay sets in. There is only so much bacteria and plaque that a toothbrush and dental floss can remove by itself and, for people who don’t even have those basic tools, infection and decay are inevitable.

Dr. Smith and his fellow dentists saw 1,200 patients and completed 1,800 extractions over the course of their four-day mission in a remote area of Guatemala. This group of esteemed and generous professionals travel to different villages three times a year, carefully setting up a clinic where they provided oral health care for free. The trip to Quetzaltenango involved a nearly five-hour bus ride to reach their destination.

Rotating patients in and out of 16 portable dental chairs that have suctions with compressors, the dentists cleaned teeth, extracted severely infected teeth, and gave hundreds of people relief and the opportunity to start fresh with their oral health.

Eliminating Chronic Tooth Pain for Silent Sufferers

Tooth pain is an excruciating pain. No person should have to suffer through that kind of discomfort. If you have ever had a cavity or dental infection, especially ones made worse by hot or cold foods, you know the pain only worsens and does not subside. Toothaches don’t get better on their own. Dental intervention is necessary – and that’s what the people of Quetzaltenango were sorely lacking.

The average annual income in Quetzaltenango is $2,000. Even if dental care were regularly available to this village, it would not be prioritized when funds are so limited. The people Dr. Smith treated had learned to live with their mouth pain. It was simply part of their life and they tolerated it. No one should have to suffer that way, especially children. Dr. Smith and his colleagues also performed tooth extractions on kids.

Promoting Quality Dental Care for All

Dr. Smith volunteered his time and covered his personal expenses for this worthwhile trip. His payment? The gratitude of his patients. The entire team at Family & Cosmetic Dentist Care is dedicated to serving individuals who don’t have the means to tend to their oral health. Every year, the practice hosts a Dentistry from the Heart event, providing free cleanings and extractions to hundreds in the local community.

Take advantage of the access to quality oral health care that you have in Johns Creek. Make your appointment with Dr. Davis Smith at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to talk to him about your oral health needs. And don’t hesitate to inquire about his mission to help as many people as possible, locally and globally, to have healthier teeth and gums. Contact us today.

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