Halloween Candy Dos and Don’ts from Your Johns Creek Dentist

halloween candy dos and don'ts johns creek dentistEven though you can get pretty much any candy you want any time of year, there is something about Halloween candy that makes it irresistible. Adults and kids indulge again and again, not just on October 31, and that overabundance of sweet stuff is dangerous for teeth. Keep in mind the dos and don’ts of Halloween candy-eating from your Johns Creek dentist and you can enjoy the holiday without being haunted by a toothache, or worse.

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Halloween Candy Buyback: Surrender Your Sweets for a Good Cause

Johns Creek Suwanee dentist Halloween candy buyback 2019It’s almost Halloween and that means candy is everywhere. We beg you not to devour your entire haul, though, for the sake of your teeth, and for a good cause: Family & Cosmetic Dental Care will hold our 10th Annual Halloween Candy Buyback from Monday, November 4 through Thursday, November 7, from 9 a.m. to 4p.m., collecting unopened sweets to donate to Operation Gratitude, and paying you for your generosity.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers investment johns creek dentistPorcelain veneers are an investment. They are on the higher-end of cosmetic dentistry treatments when it comes to cost, and they are often considered the smile makeover of the stars because so many celebrities perfect their smiles with veneers. If you admire the teeth of famous folks, though, then you’re already among the converted – you know veneers work magic, and you can reap the rewards of this smile upgrade in Johns Creek.

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Don’t Suffer: Just Get Your Toothache Fixed

toothache restorative dentistry johns creek suwanee dentistA recent news story reported that a 25-year-old woman ended up in the emergency room with fatigue, shortness of breath, and… she was turning blue. The cause? Using large amounts of topical benzocaine – to try to stop the pain of a toothache. While an incredibly rare side effect, the attempt to compensate for tooth pain created unnecessary suffering and a hospital stay for a patient who could have simply seen her dentist for her toothache instead of trying to numb the pain. Because the reality is, you can’t fix a toothache with any over-the-counter pain relievers. You need a dentist.

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4 Ways to Prevent Gum Recession

prevent gum recession johns creek suwanee dentist“Long in the tooth” is a phrase used to describe someone as old. This saying came from the practice of judging a horse’s age by the length of its teeth – meaning, the more the gums recede, the older a horse must be. Well, no one is calling you a horse or trying to tell your age by the length of tooth enamel you have showing. However, if you are seeing more tooth and less gum than you once did, gum recession has come calling, and that means trouble for your oral health.

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Save Your Smile with a Customized Night Guard

customized night guard teeth grinding johns creek dentistTeeth are incredibly strong. They must be to bite apart the foods you eat and chew them up properly for digestion. When teeth press against each other when you’re not eating, however, the force they exert can be enough to cause damage. Excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth, especially while sleeping, is a serious problem, but it can be stopped. A customized night guard is one of the best ways to protect your teeth from each other, and protect your oral health.

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