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Help Your Child Establish Good Oral Health Habits

good oral health habits for kids johns creek family dentistWhen kids are tasked with an important challenge and given the opportunity to act like a grown-up, most rise to the occasion – and that includes taking care of their teeth. You know what works best to motivate your children, but if demanding that they brush their teeth every morning and night is being met with resistance, there are other methods that could be more convincing. You can help your child establish good oral health habits, frustration-free.

Educate Your Kids

Kids don’t know why toothbrushing is important unless you explain it to them. They don’t know how cavities form. They don’t realize that the food they eat affects the health of their teeth. Give your kids the important information they need in terms they’ll understand and appreciate.

Explain what a toothbrush does and why floss has its own important role. Describe why some foods are bad for your teeth. And set your child up for oral health success by visiting a kid-friendly Johns Creek family dentist. You want a dental practice that is excited to teach the littlest patients about taking care of their teeth.

Arm Your Children with the Proper Tools

We’re not talking about making a major investment in at-home oral health equipment, but kids respond well to things that are geared to them specifically. Namely, fun toothbrushes and toothpaste, brightly colored mouthwash, flavored flossers. You can even go so far as fun toothbrush holders – you know the suction-cup kind that snap open and stick to the bathroom mirror. Invite your child to shop with you to choose the supplies they like best

Especially motivating for the burgeoning young tech geniuses in our midst are brushing apps that accompany electric toothbrushes. Kids can select a little figure to keep them company while they brush for the full recommended two minutes and reach every crevice of their mouth. Intuitive software wins every time.

Work With Your Kids

Just because your child can finally hold a brush and maneuver it around their mouth, that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to take care of their teeth solo. Supervise, assist, and encourage all the way. You can even brush together – they’re always watching you, mom and dad.

Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions in kids, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The last thing you want to have to do is bring your child in for a filling or crown. Rely instead on cleanings and exams twice a year, say yes to dental sealants to protect newly erupted permanent teeth, and get your child on track to a lifetime of good oral health.

Contact your Johns Creek dentist today to schedule a consultation or appointment for your child.

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