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Helping Others: Dr. Davis Smith Takes a Dentistry Mission Trip

There are places in the world where people do not have access to or cannot afford quality dental care. Dr. Davis Smith is doing his personal best to change that reality. Last October, he traveled to the village of Quetzaltenango in Guatemala where he and 30 dentists from all over the world provided gentle and … Read More

4 Fast Facts About Wisdom Teeth Removal

If wisdom teeth are so wise, why do most people have theirs removed? There are plenty of good reasons to say goodbye to wisdom teeth, but one of the biggest reasons wisdom teeth removal is recommended is because these molars can interfere with good oral health. Wisdom teeth can knock the rest of your smile … Read More

Spreading Good Oral Health at Your Johns Creek Dentist

For the people who can’t find a way to visit their dentist every six months for at least a dental cleaning and exam, Dentistry from the Heart is one way they can finally make their teeth and gums a priority. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry hosted another successful Dentistry from the Heart event in Johns Creek … Read More

Extracting a Tooth

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. A tooth extraction is rarely ever a first choice. A dentist will try to fix a tooth with a filing, crown, or other treatment before extraction becomes an option. However, if the tooth cannot be repaired because it has received … Read More

Tooth Removal Is Necessary

It may seem odd that a dentist would recommend performing a tooth removal, however, there are certain reasons why a tooth removal would be needed to provide optimal health for the rest of the mouth. Decay that has reached deep into the tooth and cannot be removed, an infection that has destroyed the gum around … Read More

Impacted Tooth Removal

An impacted tooth is a tooth that does not break through the gum. While the most common type of impacted tooth is a wisdom tooth, there are other teeth that can become impacted in the mouth and require removal. There are a variety of issues that can result from impacted teeth, making them important to … Read More

Tooth Extractions

As a child, losing a tooth was a monumental event — the excitement of having a hole in the mouth along with the excitement of the tooth fairy was exciting for everyone. However, losing a tooth as an adult and going through tooth extractions is not an exciting event. Adult teeth are meant to be … Read More

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