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Get a Smile Makeover in Time for Your Holiday Photos

If you’re serious about your holiday card preparation, your family photo shoot is probably scheduled for right about now. While your outfits and theme might be well-planned, are your teeth ready for their close-up? Kick off this holiday season with a smile makeover that will make you look better than ever and help you exude … Read More

No Tricks, All Treats: 4 Easy Ways to Get a Smile Makeover

If you want teeth that look better, feel better, and work better, you don’t have to undergo major dental work. Sometimes, the smallest tweaks and changes are all you need for a smile makeover that renews your self-confidence and improves your appearance.

5 Ways to Get a Super-White Smile

White teeth – they’re a sign of good health, attention to detail, youth, and success. But what’s the best way to get those bright teeth? Cosmetic dentistry makes all the difference for many Suwanee dental patients. With the help of your Johns Creek dentist, you can choose the most effective option for your smile makeover.

6 Ways to Get White Teeth Fast

So many people covet and envy the white teeth celebs sport on the red carpet or television. The brightness can be yours, even if you don’t have a gold star or massive bank account. There are plenty of ways to get your teeth white and fast – some you achieve all on your own while … Read More

7 Things You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a popular and effective way to brighten your teeth. The speed with which you can transform your smile is one of the most appealing aspects of teeth whitening. If you choose to pursue this procedure, your Johns Creek dentist will review the details with you and determine if you are indeed … Read More

Teeth Whitening Can Change Your Life

You talk to someone, they smile, you notice their gleaming white teeth, you automatically feel self-conscious. Has this experience ever happened to you? Have you ever felt less than worthy because of the appearance of your teeth? Have you ever said, “I wish I had whiter teeth”? There is a reason teeth whitening is such … Read More

Teeth Whitening 101

Can your teeth ever be too white? Maybe. What you don’t want are teeth that are an unnatural shade.  How you approach teeth whitening can be the difference between excellent results, and teeth that are forever marred by improper whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. DIY Whitening

White teeth are enviable. You see a celebrity, politician, or athlete flash their pearly whites and wonder how their teeth got so amazingly white. First, you must rule out cosmetic dentistry in the form of porcelain veneers or lumineers. Sometimes, those flawless, natural-looking smiles were created by a very talented artist – a cosmetic dentist. … Read More

Professional Teeth Whitening

Truth be told, nothing says more about you than your smile. You can be overweight, you can suffer from acne, you can have a health issue that affects your entire life, you can be having a bad day – but the moment you flash a bright, white smile, everything about you radiates. Whether you are … Read More

Teeth Whitening Mistakes

Many people are desperate to obtain a whiter, brighter smile. From coffee lovers to soon-to-be brides, a whiter smile is one of the most sought after beauty enhancements that people seek. However, there are different methods of achieving a whiter smile, and some may leave you with unwanted or unsuccessful results. The safest and most … Read More

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