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Don’t Suffer: Just Get Your Toothache Fixed

A recent news story reported that a 25-year-old woman ended up in the emergency room with fatigue, shortness of breath, and… she was turning blue. The cause? Using large amounts of topical benzocaine – to try to stop the pain of a toothache. While an incredibly rare side effect, the attempt to compensate for tooth … Read More

Top 5 Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most secure way to replace missing teeth and patients have a lot of questions about this dental restoration. Find out everything you need to know about dental implants so you can determine what type of smile makeover is right for you.

5 Dental Problems a Porcelain Crown Can Fix

There are often several possible solutions to correct a dental problem. Porcelain crowns are one of those versatile cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures that can correct a problem while beautifying a tooth at the same time.

Toothache? Get Restorative Dentistry Before the Pain Gets Worse

February 9 is National Toothache Day. It’s not meant to celebrate toothaches, of course, but to highlight the many ways toothaches can be corrected and prevented. Toothaches don’t go away by themselves. If you have pain that you’re struggling with, don’t wait to see your Johns Creek dentist. The more you drag your feet, the … Read More

The Difference Between Tooth Infection and Tooth Abscess

When a tooth is hurting you and you know something’s wrong, it’s natural to try to wait out the pain. Unfortunately, serious tooth pain doesn’t go away on its own and indicates that there is a deeper problem. The question is, do you have a tooth infection, a tooth abscess, or is something else going … Read More

Restorative Dentistry: Does Your Child Need a Dental Crown?

Your dentist says your child has a cavity and recommends a dental crown. A crown for a baby tooth? Yes, it’s true. And there are several good reasons why a dental crown is often the right course of restorative dentistry for your child.

Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Worn or Broken Teeth

Worn teeth are an unsightly dental problem, and compromised enamel can easily lead to broken teeth. Whether your tooth has been damaged because of an accident, age, teeth grinding, an imbalanced bite, or neglect, there are restorative dentistry solutions that can fix your tooth and strengthen your oral health.

Spreading Good Oral Health at Your Johns Creek Dentist

For the people who can’t find a way to visit their dentist every six months for at least a dental cleaning and exam, Dentistry from the Heart is one way they can finally make their teeth and gums a priority. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry hosted another successful Dentistry from the Heart event in Johns Creek … Read More

Cosmetic Dentistry or Restorative Dentistry: What Does Your Smile Need?

Dentistry is a field of constant innovation. Sometimes, a solution for your oral health problem is not reserved for just one treatment. In fact, there are usually several versatile treatments that can give you the smile results you want. Here’s how to determine if cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry is in your future.

What Is Restorative Dentistry? And Do You Need It?

Plenty of people have complaints about how their smile looks, but more important than the appearance of your teeth is how well they function. Loose teeth will compromise your ability to chew. Missing teeth will affect the shape of your face over time and leave holes in your smile. Gum recession will leave more of … Read More

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