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Save Your Smile with a Customized Night Guard

Teeth are incredibly strong. They must be to bite apart the foods you eat and chew them up properly for digestion. When teeth press against each other when you’re not eating, however, the force they exert can be enough to cause damage. Excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth, especially while sleeping, is a serious … Read More

5 Reasons Athletes Need a Customized Protective Mouth Guard

You could consider all contact sports as extreme sports, at least where teeth are concerned. Any sport that could involve a collision, hit, fall, or connection with a moving ball, stick, or other piece of equipment means your mouth is always in danger. A customized protective mouth guard from your Johns Creek dentist does exactly … Read More

2 Painful Health Problems Caused by Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth make some people self-conscious while others embrace their imperfect teeth. Problems arise, however, when crooked teeth cause health problems. A bad bite doesn’t only affect how your teeth look, how your teeth work, and the quality of your oral health, a misaligned jaw and teeth can contribute to bigger health issues.

Playing Sports? Wear a Protective Mouth Guard to Save Your Teeth

Athletes often see themselves as indestructible. They get hit and are tougher for it. They break a bone and recover. But if you suffer an elbow to the mouth without protection your teeth could be permanently altered. Protective mouth guards protect athletes in contact sports, minimizing and even eliminating the risks of dental trauma.

Mouth Guards Protect Your Teeth

Mouth guards are devices placed in the mouth used to cover teeth. They are used in sporting activities to prevent dental injuries, and they are commonly worn at night to prevent injury from teeth grinding. While there are mouth guards that are available from local sporting goods stores, dentists highly recommend custom fitted mouth guards … Read More

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