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7 Top Reasons to See a Johns Creek Dentist

Dental problems range from annoying to severe, but one thing is for certain: If you have tooth pain or unsightly teeth, these issues won’t improve without intervention from your Johns Creek dentist. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have a dental concern. Pain or discomfort or discoloration don’t automatically mean that you … Read More

4 Fast Facts About Wisdom Teeth Removal

If wisdom teeth are so wise, why do most people have theirs removed? There are plenty of good reasons to say goodbye to wisdom teeth, but one of the biggest reasons wisdom teeth removal is recommended is because these molars can interfere with good oral health. Wisdom teeth can knock the rest of your smile … Read More

Are You Making These Oral Health Mistakes?

It’s important to review how you take care of your teeth, even if you think your brushing and flossing techniques are on point. Making your oral health a priority is important not only for the wellness of your teeth and gums, but for your entire well-being. This includes seeing your dentist regularly for cleanings, but … Read More

Your Johns Creek Dentist Back-to-School Checklist

It’s not just kids who are going back to school. Adults have their fair share of work and prep to get ready for a new academic year. Making oral health a priority on the to-do list will help you more than you realize. Find out why it’s a good idea to see your Johns Creek … Read More

Making Dental Care Convenient for You: All Oral Surgery Now Performed In-Office

If you wish you had a dental office that offered every procedure in-house, we have you covered at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Johns Creek. With the addition of Dr. Miguel A. Martinez Jr., DMD, to our dedicated staff of doctors, oral surgery will now be conducted in our offices, including extractions, dental implants, and … Read More

Restorative Dentistry: Does Your Child Need a Dental Crown?

Your dentist says your child has a cavity and recommends a dental crown. A crown for a baby tooth? Yes, it’s true. And there are several good reasons why a dental crown is often the right course of restorative dentistry for your child.

Playing Sports? Wear a Protective Mouth Guard to Save Your Teeth

Athletes often see themselves as indestructible. They get hit and are tougher for it. They break a bone and recover. But if you suffer an elbow to the mouth without protection your teeth could be permanently altered. Protective mouth guards protect athletes in contact sports, minimizing and even eliminating the risks of dental trauma.

3 Big Reasons Dental Cleanings and Check-Ups Are So Important

You brush your teeth twice a day. You floss every night. But even when you’re dedicated to your oral health care at home, it’s not quite enough. The American Dental Association recommends professional dental cleanings and check-ups every six months, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Orthodontics: Straighten Your Teeth for Better Oral Health

The word “orthodontics” makes some people cringe, especially those who don’t have straight teeth. It’s understandable that going through months of treatment to get an aligned smile is not appealing. However, there are orthodontics that line up your teeth quickly and discreetly while improving your oral health at the same time.

Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Worn or Broken Teeth

Worn teeth are an unsightly dental problem, and compromised enamel can easily lead to broken teeth. Whether your tooth has been damaged because of an accident, age, teeth grinding, an imbalanced bite, or neglect, there are restorative dentistry solutions that can fix your tooth and strengthen your oral health.

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