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3 Big Reasons Dental Cleanings and Check-Ups Are So Important

You brush your teeth twice a day. You floss every night. But even when you’re dedicated to your oral health care at home, it’s not quite enough. The American Dental Association recommends professional dental cleanings and check-ups every six months, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Orthodontics: Straighten Your Teeth for Better Oral Health

The word “orthodontics” makes some people cringe, especially those who don’t have straight teeth. It’s understandable that going through months of treatment to get an aligned smile is not appealing. However, there are orthodontics that line up your teeth quickly and discreetly while improving your oral health at the same time.

Restorative Dentistry Solutions for Worn or Broken Teeth

Worn teeth are an unsightly dental problem, and compromised enamel can easily lead to broken teeth. Whether your tooth has been damaged because of an accident, age, teeth grinding, an imbalanced bite, or neglect, there are restorative dentistry solutions that can fix your tooth and strengthen your oral health.

Glowing Review for Johns Creek Dentist

We love our patients at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care.  When a patient takes the time to give us such a glowing review – it makes all our hard work feel worth it. Here is what Gloria had to say about us… Don’t throw away those giant flyers from “My Johns Creek Dentist”.  Make sure you … Read More

5 Ways to Conquer Dental Anxiety

Are you willing to live with severe tooth pain because you’re that afraid of the dentist? Do you wish you could revamp your teeth but just can’t bring yourself to do it? Don’t allow your dental anxiety to prevent you from taking care of your oral health or improving the appearance of your teeth. It’s … Read More

Improve Your Social Media Presence with a Smile Makeover

While too much time on social media has been proven to be detrimental to a person’s mental state, being on there for just the right amount of time can be a nice bump for your feel-good hormone, oxytocin. If you’re good at managing the time-suck trap of social media, but you’re still depressed when you … Read More

Get a Summer Smile Makeover at Your Johns Creek Dentist

It’s the end of the school year, the beginning of summer, and time to suck up the sunshine. Will you be smiling as you head to the beach, the water park, the mountains, or Disney World? Those photos and memories won’t be the same if you’re serious, close-mouthed, or holding back your laughter because of … Read More

Spreading Good Oral Health at Your Johns Creek Dentist

For the people who can’t find a way to visit their dentist every six months for at least a dental cleaning and exam, Dentistry from the Heart is one way they can finally make their teeth and gums a priority. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry hosted another successful Dentistry from the Heart event in Johns Creek … Read More

4 Ways to Repair Your Smile After Gum Disease

There are different stages of gum disease. The early stage, known as gingivitis, is typically mild and can be easily overlooked if you don’t see your Johns Creek dentist every six months for a dental checkup. When you avoid the dentist and gingivitis is present, you’ll develop more serious symptoms of gum disease, and you’ll … Read More

4 Ways Mental Health Can Interfere with Oral Health

Mental health plays an important role in oral health, in more ways than you may realize. Not only is dental anxiety a mental health concern, it’s often the side effects of conditions like panic or depression that can create serious problems with teeth and gums. These issues can be managed and even overcome with help, … Read More

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