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Dentistry from the Heart: May 6, 2017 Is Free Dental Work Day at My Johns Creek Dentist

Are you unable to dedicate financial resources to improve your oral health? Do you not have dental insurance? Have your personal obligations prevented you from seeing a dentist? Dr. Mitul Patel and his staff at Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Johns Creek are ready to help you achieve good dental health. On Saturday, May … Read More

Aging Smile? Look Younger with Porcelain Veneers

Has age crept up on you? Have your teeth suddenly become old-looking? After decades of biting, chewing, and serving as the gateway to the rest of your body, your teeth may finally be showing wear and tear that you can’t just brush away. Now is the time to consider your smile makeover options – and … Read More

Fastbraces Has Changed the Landscape of Orthodontia

Dragging your feet about straightening the crooked teeth that plague you? Trying to convince your teenager that braces are for their own good? Fastbraces is an orthodontic revolution that has changed how people view braces, how braces look, and, most importantly, how braces work.

Lumineers – Smile Makeover Upgrade

Smile Makeover Upgrade: Dr. Patel and Dr. Smith Provide Lumineers to North Georgia Lumineers are the newest frontier in cosmetic dentistry. A non-invasive alternative to porcelain veneers, Lumineers have become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures for transforming smiles. Recently, Dr. Patel and Dr. Smith attended advanced cosmetic dentistry training in order to enhance … Read More

Vitamins for Healthy Teeth

Your face-paced life rarely leave time for consumption of all the major food groups, let alone consumption of all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. It is always important to talk with your primary care physician before starting any sort of vitamin regimen, but these are vitamins that are known for promoting healthy … Read More

Acid Erosion

Teeth are not invincible, and what you choose to put into your mouth on a daily basis will either help to protect them or will put them in harm’s way. Foods and beverages that you choose to consume on a regular basis have a tremendous impact on the health of your teeth and gums. Aside … Read More

Benefits of Saving a Tooth Instead of Removing It

It is true that a “bad” tooth does not need to remain in the mouth. Yet, there are other options for dealing with an infected, decayed, or damaged tooth other than removing it. Whenever possible, a dentist will choose to save natural tooth instead of removing it. There are different alternatives that can benefit your … Read More

Root Canals – Misunderstood

Root canals have been one of the most dreaded dental procedures for years. Patients have often allowed fear of the procedure to keep them from getting the treatment that they need to save their tooth, and end of losing the tooth as well as causing the need for even more extensive dental work. Fear of … Read More

Dental Phobia

Many people do not know the words to describe how they feel about the dentist other than to say that they simply refuse to visit the dentist. Stress, fear, anxiety, and panic are often used to describe people’s hesitation and refusal to make and keep dentist’s appointment. If this describes you or a family member … Read More

Dental Veneers

The appearance of a person’s smile is a very personal attribute that portrays a great deal about him or her. Often, many people do not understand the options available to them for improving the appearance of their smiles. Porcelain dental veneers provide a cosmetic approach to improving the esthetics of your smile with a natural … Read More

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